Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth extraction / removal is something most of us will experience at some point early in life. Extractions are routine and nothing to fear. It is recommended to become informed about the procedure so you will know what to expect surrounding the procedure and recovery.

Wisdom teeth at the farthest back part of your upper and lower rows of teeth. Dentists and oral surgeons may encourage the removal of wisdom teeth. Even if they come in perfectly and don’t crowd existing teeth, there are good reasons to have them removed.  For example, it is difficult to clean these teeth because their location can be hard to reach. It’s also common for bacteria to build up around wisdom teeth, which can lead to infection. Wisdom teeth can interfere with orthodontic work as well. Therefore, approximately 85 percent of the population will have their wisdom teeth removed.

Your dentist here at Olympic Dental and Denture will help you determine if and when you should have your wisdom teeth removed.

Olympic Dental & Denture also offers IV sedation which can be used to extract wisdom teeth. It’s like falling asleep and waking up with your procedure all finished.