Dental Postoperative Care of Extraction Sites

Ice: Apply to face on area of surgery for a period of 8 hours; 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off.

Heat: After the first 24 hours, apply heat to the face over the surgery area. The application of heat may be continued for several days until the selling has disappeared.

Rinsing Mouth: Do not rinse your mouth vigorously during the first 24 hours after surgery. Cool water may be used during this period if used gently. After the first 24 hours, rinse the mouth 8 to 10 times per day with a warm saltwater solution consisting of ½ teaspoon of salt to 8 oz. of water. This should be done after each meal and before bed. This should be continued for 7-10 days.

Diet: Avoid eating until numbness from anesthetic has disappeared. Try to eat soft foods for the first 24 hours and avoid small foods such as nuts that may get into extraction site. Maintain a high level of fluid intake.

Bleeding: Bite into gauze to control most bleeding. You may also use a moistened tea bag. Site may continue to lightly bleed and ooze for several hours after surgery. If bleeding is moderate to heavy and cannot be controlled, please contact the office.

Medications: Pain pills should be taken as prescribed as needed. All antibiotics prescribed should be taken until gone regardless of how well you may be progressing. Premature discontinuance of antibiotics may result in serious infection.

To reduce the chance of dry socket formation:

  • Do not smoke
  • Don’t spit
  • Do not suck on straw or candy
  • Avoid carbonated beverages and alcohol for at least 24 hours

Suture Removal: Return as appointed.

Complication: If you have any questions or become alarmed at any time, contact your dentist. If is important to report promptly severe pain or an increase in swelling or uncontrolled bleeding which occurs after the first 48 hours.

For any other questions or concerns about your dental postoperative care, feel free to contact Olympic Dental and Denture today