What is a crown and why do I need one?

A crown is a permanent restoration that fits over the remaining part of a prepared tooth, making it strong and giving it the shape and color of a natural tooth.

A crown can also be referred to as a cap.  Crowns are an ideal restoration for the teeth that have recieved root canal therapy, have been broken, or have been weakened by decay or a very large filling.  They can be made of porcelain, gold or a combination of these materials.  New material are continually being introduced.

How do crowns work?

Preparing your tooth for a crown involves shaping your remaining tooth to the precise dimensions, taking an impression and color selection.  The impression is then sent to our highly skilled lab who will prepare an individually designed crown just for you.  You will then be scheduled approximately two weeks later to have your permanent crown cemented.  During this time a temporary crown will be placed to protect your tooth.

The longevity of any crown depends on the standard of homecare, heredity and possible side effects from some medications.  The crown itself cannot decay, but decay can form where the edge of the crown joins the tooth.  No special care is needed to maintain dental crowns, but it is important to keep this area as clean as possible and to floss daily.

If you have a large cavity or your tooth is worn down, cracked, or weakened, it may be worth serious consideration into dental crowns.

Many factors are taken into consideration when deciding what type of dental crown to administer, including the function of the tooth in questions, it’s location, state, and color of surrounding teeth. Please call Olympic Dental and Denture to learn more about dental crowns or ask at your next visit if you have any questions.