Happy and Healthy Teeth this Halloween


This Halloween, do not let the thought of tummy aches and future cavities ruin the holiday. Halloween candy is a treat, not a meal, so you must avoid letting your kids gorge themselves on sweets this season.

Limit Candy Consumption

When you get back from trick-or-treating lay out all of your candy and first make sure that there aren’t any open candies. Once you have done that have your kids organize their candy into different piles based on the type of candy; chocolates, gummies, hard candies, fruit snacks, and caramels.

Then, use small snack size plastic bags and put one piece of candy into each baggy. Then decide how often your kid gets to have a bag; one a day, one every other day, one a week. Store the rest of the candy in the freezer to keep it fresh.

Make Snacking Healthy

When it is time to enjoy the candy, enforce a healthy-eating rule. The American Dental Association suggest that candy should be consumed only at mealtime when saliva production helps to rinse food particles from teeth.

For each bite of candy, you should require your kids to have a piece of produce or some water. If they are eating chocolate pair it with fruit that complements the chocolate. If they are eating fruity chewy candy have them drink plenty of water to help wash the food particles away.

Do A Trade

If your kids collected more than they should eat in the span of a month or so, offer to make a few trades. Let them “buy” other items, such as toys or tickets for an outing, by using the candy as currency. Try trading a pound of candy for movie passes or a new doll. You will be amazed at how quickly they will forget about the sugary treats. Unwanted candy can be placed in the freezer and used as mix-ins when making cookies or bars for an upcoming holiday gathering.

Remember to help your kids brush their teeth at the end of the day to remove sugary build-up. Always manage your child’s snacking through portion control and healthy eating practices so everyone has a happy Halloween!