What is a Root Canal?

A root canal is a dental treatment. This is necessary when there is trauma or infection on the nerve of a tooth. Tiny canals are where the pulp of a tooth (nerve) is located.

What are reasons for a root canal?

  • Tooth decay that penetrates enamel and pulp.
  • Abscessed tooth (Infection).
  • Chipped/broken tooth.
  • Tooth is dying.

Getting a root canal can be uncomfortable or scary for many. For this reason we offer sedation dentistry here in our office. Your dentist will always go over the process with you and clarify how many appointments will be necessary to complete the root canal.

A local anesthetic will be given to the numb the tooth and surrounding area. You will get xrays of the tooth and then the dentist will place a rubber dam over your mouth. The purpose of the dental dam is to keep the tooth very dry. A small hole will be drilled in the pulp chamber and any infected tissue is removed and cleaned. Once the tooth has dried, a rubber material will be placed inside of the tooth to seal it. You may need a temporary or permanent filling. A crown can help prevent the tooth from cracking later in time.

Recovery from a root canal is not too difficult. You may have a bit of pain from the procedure and you can take a pain reliever at home. Antibiotics may be prescribed to clear up any remaining infection.