Why Choose Professional Whitening

Introducing Teeth Whitening Centralia WA

At Olympic Dental and Denture, we’ve discovered that a radiant smile is one of the most sought-after cosmetic goals for our patients in Centralia, WA. Understanding this, we’ve tailored our services to meet this demand head-on, offering professional Teeth Whitening Centralia WA solutions that not only brighten smiles but do so with the utmost care and expertise that our clients have come to expect from us over the last 20 years.

Why Choose Professional Whitening

Safety First

When it comes to whitening your teeth, safety should never be compromised. Unlike over-the-counter options, our professional Teeth Whitening Centralia WA service ensures that the health of your gums and the integrity of your enamel are preserved. We apply products that are both effective and gentle on your mouth, minimizing sensitivity and maximizing comfort.

Effective Results

Our Teeth Whitening Centralia WA process is designed to deliver noticeable results, ensuring that your investment translates into a brighter smile. By using the latest in whitening technology, we can achieve shades that are several times lighter than before, giving you the confidence to show off your smile.

Our Process

The journey to a brighter smile with us involves a detailed consultation to assess your dental health and whitening goals. This personalized approach ensures that the Teeth Whitening Centralia WA service you receive is just right for you.

We then proceed with the whitening treatment, utilizing advanced techniques to reduce discomfort and enhance the whitening effect. Our experienced team will guide you through the aftercare process, ensuring that your brighter smile lasts as long as possible.

Advantages of Choosing Olympic Dental and Denture

  • Experienced and friendly staff dedicated to patient care
  • State-of-the-art whitening technology for best results
  • Customized treatment plans for everyone
  • Affordable pricing and insurance compatibility

Caring for Your Whitened Teeth

Maintaining your dazzling smile after receiving Teeth Whitening Centralia WA services involves a few key steps. First, it is critical to follow good oral hygiene practices, including regular brushing and flossing. Additionally, avoiding foods and beverages that can stain your teeth, such as coffee, tea, and red wine, can help preserve the brightness of your smile.

Regular dental check-ups are also essential. These visits allow us to monitor your oral health and provide touch-ups if necessary to keep your smile shining bright.

Addressing Common Concerns

Many patients have questions about the Teeth Whitening Centralia WA process, wondering about its safety, the duration of the effects, and care after treatment. We are here to assure you that when performed by professionals, teeth whitening is a safe procedure that can provide lasting results, especially with proper care and routine touch-ups.


Our satisfied patients are our proudest accomplishment. Many have shared their stories of regained confidence and the joy of showcasing their bright smiles, courtesy of our Teeth Whitening Centralia WA services. These testimonials stand as a testament to the quality care and exceptional service provided at Olympic Dental and Denture.

Scheduling Your Whitening Session

Ready to transform your smile with our Teeth Whitening Centralia WA services? Contact us today to schedule your consultation. Our flexible hours are designed to accommodate your busy schedule, ensuring that your journey to a brighter smile is as convenient as possible.

Join the ranks of our satisfied patients and let us help you achieve the radiant smile you’ve always desired. At Olympic Dental and Denture, your smile is our priority.

Caring for Your Whitened Teeth

How much is whitening my teeth?

At Olympic Dental and Denture, we believe in transparency and affordability. The cost of teeth whitening can vary based on the specific needs and goals of each patient. Generally, professional teeth whitening services range from a few hundred dollars to a bit more, depending on the type of treatment and the extent of whitening desired. We recommend a consultation to assess your needs and provide you with an accurate estimate. Remember, investing in professional whitening is not just about aesthetics; it’s about doing it safely and effectively, with results that truly stand out.

Can yellow teeth become white again?

Yes, yellow teeth can indeed become white again. The degree of whitening achievable, however, depends on various factors, including the cause of the discoloration and the condition of the teeth. External stains caused by food, drink, or smoking can often be significantly improved with professional whitening treatments. At Olympic Dental and Denture, we’ve seen countless patients transform their smiles from yellow to brilliantly white. Each case is unique, but with the right treatment plan, a brighter smile is certainly attainable.

What is the most effective product to whiten teeth?

In our two decades of experience, we’ve found that the most effective product for teeth whitening is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Professional-grade products used by dental offices, such as those we offer at Olympic Dental and Denture, generally provide the most dramatic and lasting results. These products, coupled with the expertise of professional application, ensure safety, reduce the risk of sensitivity, and achieve shades lighter than over-the-counter options. We customize the whitening agent to each patient’s needs, ensuring the most effective and satisfying results.

How much does it cost to whiten your teeth internally?

Internal teeth whitening, or “inside-out” whitening, is a specialized procedure used primarily for teeth that have discolored due to internal factors, such as trauma or disease. The process can be more intricate than standard whitening treatments, sometimes involving endodontic (root canal) procedures. At Olympic Dental and Denture, the cost of internal teeth whitening can vary depending on the complexity of the case. We aim to provide a detailed assessment during consultation to offer clear pricing. Though this method may be priced higher than external whitening, it’s unparalleled in treating certain types of discoloration.

Is teeth whitening safe for sensitive teeth?

Yes, teeth whitening is safe for people with sensitive teeth, but it requires a careful and customized approach. At Olympic Dental and Denture, we understand the apprehension that comes with teeth sensitivity. That’s why we offer tailored treatments that minimize discomfort without compromising effectiveness. Our professional whitening products are designed to be gentle on the teeth and gums, and we can adjust the concentration and application based on individual sensitivity and needs. With our expertise, patients with sensitive teeth can still achieve a brighter smile comfortably.

How long does the teeth whitening effect last?

The longevity of the whitening effect can vary greatly among individuals. Factors such as diet, oral hygiene practices, and tobacco use can influence how long the results last. On average, professional teeth whitening results can last from six months to two years. At Olympic Dental and Denture, we provide our patients with aftercare advice to extend the duration of their whitening results. This includes recommendations on avoiding staining substances, maintaining good oral hygiene, and considering touch-up treatments as needed. Ultimately, with proper care, patients can enjoy a brighter smile for a longer period.

How often should I get my teeth whitened?

The frequency of teeth whitening treatments depends on several factors, including the method used, your oral hygiene habits, diet, and personal preferences. At Olympic Dental and Denture, we suggest professional whitening treatments could be done as needed, with many patients choosing to have the procedure repeated every 1 to 2 years. However, it’s crucial not to overdo it, as excessive whitening can lead to sensitivity and damage to the enamel. We recommend consulting with our dental team to determine a safe and effective whitening schedule tailored to your unique smile.

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