The Naughty and Nice- Holiday Toothcare Tips

The holiday season is here and many of the festivities involve the sweets and treats. (Gingerbread houses, cookie baking, parties…) Enjoying sugary snacks in moderation is key for your health and for your smile. Excess sugar can lead to bacteria and plaque in your mouth. This can lead to tooth decay and cavities. Taking care of your teeth is easy with these tips.


  • Nice: Eat, drink and brush! Keep up with your normal dental care including routine brushing and flossing. Keep a travel size brush in your purse or bag to brush after sugary snacks when you aren’t home.

  • Naughty:Sticky and hard sugary treats. Avoid eating gum drops, taffy, brittle, candy canes and others. The sticky candies stick to your teeth and can break or pull out fillings. Hard candies stay in the mouth for a while as you suck on them and can lead to excess sugar sitting on your teeth. Brush and rinse after enjoying any of these treats.

  • Nice: Peppermint for a festive treat. The peppermint flavor of the holidays can be enjoyed without the excess sugar. Sip peppermint tea or add a splash of peppermint to your coffee.

  • Naughty: Never use teeth as scissors! Opening a box, cutting strings, tags or ribbon? Don’t bite with your teeth! Doing this can cause a lot of damage. Always use scissors to do these things.

    ‘Tis the season for a healthy smile. Make sure to schedule a cleaning and use your dental health benefits before the end of the year. We wish you and yours a very happy holidays.

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