Love Your Teeth this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, the day known for heart-shaped chocolate boxes, candy and romance is coming up quickly! Expecting your kids (and yourself) to avoid sweets this Valentine’s is unrealistic, but making healthier choices will help protect your teeth. Here are a few do’s and don’t to follow to show your teeth love this holiday.


DO: Enjoy healthy heart shaped snacks.

Get in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, the healthy way. A few ideas for kid (and adult) friendly snacks include:

1. Heart strawberries

2. Raspberries filled with dark chocolate chips

3. Heart shaped cheese (use a cookie cutter to cut the shapes) served with whole-wheat crackers.

4. Dark chocolate dipped fruit (bananas, pineapple, cherries, strawberries…etc.)


DON’T: Choose sticky, hard candies or cheaper chocolates. 


Lollipops, caramel, and taffy stick to the tooth’s surface creating plague and tooth decay. Cheaper chocolates contain sugar and oil as their first two ingredients. Choose dark chocolate with a higher percentage of cacao (cocoa), at least 50% is preferable.

DO: Limit the sweets.

If your kids come home with a big bag of Valentine’s and candy from their classmates make sure to set limits on the consumption. Allow a few pieces after they eat a meal, but put some aside.


DON’T: Forget about brushing. 

After eating sugary foods, proper dental hygiene is important. Brushing your teeth and tongue at least twice daily can help with bad breath and reduce the plague left behind. When eating acidic foods (wine, juice, citrus, soda…) waiting 30 minutes after to brush can actually help prevent discoloration and sensitivity.

DO: Try a non-candy alternative for valentine gifts. 

Whether you are making valentine’s for your kids, husband, wife, friends, relatives, or helping your child with their classroom cards, including a non-candy treat is a great idea.* Here are a few we love:

1. Toy dinosaur. “Hope you have a “dino” mite Valentine’s Day.”

2. Crazy straw. “Sip! Sip! hooray it’s Valentine’s Day

3. Maze. “You are ah-maze-ing.”

4. Glow stick. “Valentine, you make my heart glow.” (Photo shown.)


Follow these fun ideas and treat recipe for the “sweetest” valentine’s day celebration this year. Do you have a healthier or non-candy alternatives that you enjoy? Share with us!




*Make sure to verify with your child/their teacher if valentine’s are allowed and any specifications. (i.e. Nut free, etc.)

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