Brushing With Braces


One of the top challenges in orthodontic care is brushing. Braces require extra effort to clean, and different techniques to reach areas where food and germs build up. This is especially true around brace brackets, bands, wires and fixed retainers. Choose The Right Toothbrush Step one of brushing with braces is choosing a soft toothbrush [...]

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Going to The Dentist While Pregnant


  Going to the Dentist While Pregnant When you become pregnant it is important to follow a consistent oral health routine. Pregnancy changes the hormones in the body that put pregnant women at increased risk for periodontal disease, which is the most severe form of gum disease. Tell your dentist as soon as you think [...]

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Fun With the Tooth Fairy Part 2


Fun With the Tooth Fairy Part 2 Losing your first tooth is a big deal. Here are some tips to make the Tooth Fairy’s first visit extra special. To see some more tips check out our article  Fun With the Tooth Fairy. 1.) Give your child an official certificate from the [...]

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Baby Bottle Tooth Decay and How You Can Prevent It


Baby Bottle Tooth Decay and How You Can Prevent It Baby Bottle Tooth Decay refers to the tooth decay in babies and toddlers. Baby Bottle Tooth Decay most frequently occurs in the upper teeth, but can happen to any of the teeth. One cause of the decay, is prolonged exposure to [...]

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Your Favorite Summer Drinks May Be Causing Acid Erosion


Your Favorite Summer Drinks May Be Causing Acid Erosion With the constant hot weather we have been having lately, you may be turning to your favorite beverages to cool down. These beverages may be the reason that you are experiencing increased sensitivity, which is a sign of acid erosion. According to [...]

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What Causes a Toothache?


What Causes a Toothache? If you are dealing with tooth pain, you likely want it to go away quickly! We always recommend coming in to see us if you are dealing with any type of tooth pain because it could mean you have a cavity or need other treatment. While typically the [...]

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Healthy Smiles for Senior


Healthy Smiles for Senior Dental care is important to maintain throughout your life to ensure you have the healthiest smiles as you age. Older adults (65+) face several unique challenges for their oral health. According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), approximately 18% of adults aged 65 years [...]

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Healthy Summer Smiles


Healthy Summer Smiles Spring is in full swing (sun where are you?) and before we know it summer vacation will be here. Summer is a busy time of activities, travel and more. Making sure your kids continue to take care of their teeth all summer long is important. Summer is also [...]

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Avoid “green teeth” this St. Patrick’s Day!


Avoid “green teeth” this St. Patrick’s Day! St. Patrick’s Day is coming up this weekend. The holiday known for green beer can be a dangerous one for your teeth. Green dyes and sugary treats can cause tooth decay, staining, and dry mouth. Here are a few do’s and don’t for having fun [...]

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Fun with the Tooth Fairy


Fun with the Tooth Fairy You likely have heard brushing and flossing regularly is key for your dental health, but it’s also important for your health as well. Poor dental health can lead to major health issues. Even if you brush daily, bacteria can still be lingering in your mouth causing [...]

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